SPAN @10 speech given by Mrs. Sarah Boulos

SPAN Gala Night_Photography By_by Akara Ogheneworo_Top Nigerian Concert Photographer_32                                              “Life without industry is guilt; industry without art is brutality.”

                                                                                                        –John Rushkin

Imagine our life in Lagos not filled with a LAGOS HERITAGE FESTIVAL, a MUSON CENTER FESTIVAL, a school band or Theater Dance Performance, a SARO THE MUSICAL, a TARUWA NIGHT, a JAZZ HOLE or SERIES CONCERT, a LAGOS FASHION SHOW, or a SPAN FESTIVAL.

Lagos would be brutal and simply lifeless!

WE CANNOT OPERATE OR CONTINUE TO BE PRODUCTIVE WITHOUT THE INVOLVEMENT OF THE ARTS, AND ESPECIALLY ART EDUCATION IN ALL OUR SCHOOLS! The arts have a crucial impact on our economy and are an important catalyst for stimulating creativity, learning, discovery, and achievement in our country.

Today, ten years after, I stand before you proud and honored to have been given such a gift from God and to have witnessed hundreds of artists lives changed because of SPAN. I’m humbled by the numerous success stories that are imbedded in our communities, and the bright future ahead of us.

SPAN, from a garage in Ikoyi, to 100 sqm2 in Banana Island. Our path has grown to now occupy a three-story building in Lagos Island, where over 100 students come every day to develop their performing arts gift, to realize their dreams.

Sarah Boulos, SPAN Board of Directors and SPAN Executive Team

Sarah Boulos, SPAN Board of Directors and SPAN Executive Team

The last decade has been such an exciting and thrilling journey, and I am very proud to see that SPAN has inspired the creation of healthy communities throughout Lagos and has changed lives; SPAN members and affiliates have started their own vibrant performing art studios and businesses, and are getting employed by major performing art productions and events.

It is also today that I RECOGNIZE the patrons of SPAN who have listened to our needs and supported us with their DIAMOND PATRONAGE for TEN YEARS.

ITB Construction, SCOA Nigeria PLC, CHELLARAMS, CoolFm/CoolTv, Strachan Partners, D-United foods, 7up PLC, Eko Hotel & Suites

ITB Construction

ITB Construction receiving a plaque


Dr. Massad Boulos, SCOA NIG PLC

Mr. Chellarams

Mr. Aditya Chellaram receiving on behalf of Chellarams Plc.

On behalf of Strachan Partners

Mrs. Muna Iyanam on behalf of Strachan Partners

Mr. Nodin Churston - 7up Plc.

Mr. Norden Thurston – 7up Plc.

Thank you.

 “Art is a nation’s most precious heritage. For it is in our works of art that we reveal to ourselves and to others the inner vision which guides us as a nation. And where there is no vision, the people perish.”

 –Lyndon Johnson, on signing into existence the National Endowment on the Arts

To embark on our next decade, I would like to recognize our board of trustees in the persons of:

Pastor Wale Adeferasin, Pastor Olufunmi Olajoyegbe, Dr Yemi Johnson (SAN), Dr Massad Boulos, Mr. Gabi Massoud, Mrs Muna Iyanam, Mr. Adithya Chellarams, Mr. Patrick Koshoni, and Ms Evita Moussalli, along with me will be entrusted to insure our organizations mission and vision is brought forth.

The next decade of SPAN will give you a vibrant and sustainable community center, a state of the art performing arts center with a training academy of excellence, and a theater in the new Eko Atlantic city that will bring our nation to the forefront of the entertainment industry of West Africa.

I will personally continue to work hard and advocate for the arts in our nation, demanding tax relief for all corporations and individuals who support the arts financially as it s a crime not to provide our children with a wholesome future and develop the creative minds of our nation.

Ladies and gentleman embark on this journey with us, make a difference today by supporting us to build span performing art center, sponsor a SPAN student from inception at SPAN all the way to the Lebanese American University for his/her performing arts degree, or simply donate to life changing programs in the art.

Thank you.