This weekend, We bring you ‘My Fair Lady’ Ballet Recital


We’re excited about this weekend!! SPAN’s ‘My Fair Lady’ Ballet Recital holds.
Just like we mentioned months ago before our Christmas recital, “Nothing beats enrolling your children in programmes that bring out their creativity, leadership and communication skills”… and it’s pure bliss when they get to showcase all they’ve learnt; this is typically what SPAN recital is all about! For our last recital [in December], the excitement was sky-high as Christmas was only a few weeks away. This weekend, there are no special holidays or celebrations… just our plain old really exciting recital and celebration of the kids…. And boy! are the kids excited! Join us

EVENT: ‘My Fair Lady’ Ballet Recital
DATE: Saturday, June 14, 2014
VENUE: Orchid Hall, Eko Hotel and suites V.I, Lagos
TIME: 4:00pm
ENTRY: N1,000 [Adults], N500 [kids]

View Photos from our Christmas recital in December

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