INK MARKS in collaboration with SPAN [The Society for Performing Arts Nigeria] during the course of the summer holidays organized two workshops [REEL KIDS 2 and I HAVE A SPEECH] for young people, aged between 10 and 18 years, drawn from public and private secondary schools in Lagos State.
The REEL KIDS 2 WORKSHOP was a fun but intensive three week (15 days) workshop that incorporated the art of film making with music to educate children, improve their language skills and encourage them to ‘own knowledge’. The kids learnt Civics, Literature and English Language using songs and music videos. They were encouraged to write their own songs and participated in shooting a music video. This music video will be shown to them for the very first time at the Award Day along with the presentation of awards based on their performance during the Workshop.
The Eight (8) Reel Kids Awards to be presented are:
· Reel Kids All-Star:   To the best overall performer by class assessment;
· Most Inspiring Reel Kid – to the child who worked the hardest to overcome initial challenges;
· Best Team Player – to the Reel Kid [not designated a team leader] who was quick to help    whenever anyone needed support or encouragement; 
· Best Music Video Concept;
· Best Original Song
· Best Team Leader
· Best Behaved Reel Kid
· Original and Creative Reel Kid
The I HAVE A SPEECH Workshop was more intensive but still lots of fun: a speechwriting competition that teaches young people about Leadership and Character while enhancing their reading, writing and communication skills. The challenge was for the thirteen workshop participants to write a speech on Leadership for Mrs. Abimbola Fashola, wife of the Governor of Lagos State directed at young people to be delivered on the occasion of Nigeria’s 53rd Independence Anniversary celebration.
The ten-day workshop also included classes on speech delivery, the art of presentation, the psychology behind presentation and body language. On the final day of the workshop, the participants presented their speeches before a panel of judges who then decided on and announced the TOP 4 presentations without revealing their order of merit.
At the Award Day there will be seven (7) awards for the I Have A Speech Workshop:
The overall winner and the placements of the three runner-ups in the TOP 4 will be announced. The three other awards to be presented are:
·         Leader amongst Leaders Award – for the overall best in class assessment;
·         Best Behaved Award – for the most winning attitude; and
·         Most Inspiring Award – for the participant who had challenges but struggled through them and worked hardest to improve.Image