Committed & Valued! The SPAN Season of Discovery.

We are excited to share that we have come into a new SPAN season of which the theme have been aptly named ‘Committed & Valued’.

This season is like no other, largely due to the shift the whole world is currently facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We found that there is a strong need to show our communities that they are valued and in each person lies amazing skill, talent, value waiting to be discovered. So this season for us, is the time to reaffirm our commitment to value people and to serve.

A lot of activities is being planned to make this happen and one of such is the ‘ SPAN CHALLENGES ‘.

From now till the end of the year, SPAN will be creating series of challenges designed to bring out the untapped potentials of varying categories of people that exist in our society. These challenges aim to put these people who sign up on a path of self discovery thereby creating new opportunities for growth.

Already the first challenge has been rolled out and is spearheaded by the SPAN Founder, Mrs Sarah Boulos. This challenge is called the 31:15 Value to Purpose Challenge for Stay at home Mums

It is an intention release program designed to unlock the potentials of stay at home Mums.
These heroes have been working so hard behind the scenes building a strong foundation for their kids , a beautiful home for the family to enjoy, however they often forget they are also individuals with their own innate value, their individual purpose. It’s our belief that this challenge will help them in so many ways.

Start date for this challenge is July 6th, 2020. If you are a stay at home mum , or you know any one, this challenge is mind blowing and transformational, so signing up could be one of your best decisions.

To register, kindly click on the link below;


We can’t wait to see you! Come prepared to be ‘wowed’!

The Joys of Teaching Drama

Teaching drama can feel frustrating, or even exasperating to some people due to the time and patience it requires to teach children.  Some parents due to the present COVID-19  pademic have even started referring teachers, especially drama teachers as some kind of super heroes. Though it is often seen as a low paying thankless job in comparison to other professions, those who stick to it have seen that it has the potential to be one of the most rewarding jobs there is!

Our drama teacher & coordinator Ms Olapeju receiving an appreciation award

 -Work Hours and Extra Income

While it may look like their hours are long, drama teachers do spend a significant  amount of time doing extra work, after they are done with their regular work. They have the time to take on extra drama lessons, which also increase the income level. They have the holidays as well to reflect on new creative ways to teach their craft while taking extra work. This gives them more experience while increasing their income simultaneously.  

-Passion and  Personal Fulfillment 

Many drama teachers find fulfillment in teaching what their passion. They get to spend every day teaching about what they love and hopefully passing it onto others. They find fulfillment in designing  creative lesson plans, creating amazing props as these also help them learn and grow to as excellent drama instructors.

– Multiple Interactions with Students

Drama teachers have the opportunity every day, to interact with kids and teach them new skills.

While some kids can be quite the ‘drama queens and kings’, drama teachers still find it rewarding to interact with their students in the most creative way. They also have the ability to improve their emotional well being through lessons that will ultimately raise the confidence and communication skills of their students.

– Respect

Being a drama teacher also earns you a large amount of respect from friends, family members and those in the community. You earn praise and admiration from people who could never imagine themselves spending the day in a classroom full of children or who are tempted to run after spending five minutes with a preschooler. As a teacher, you even have a nationally recognized day to appreciate you and the job you do. During back-to-school time and during teacher appreciation week, many businesses take time to offer freebies and discounts to thank teachers and show their respect for the profession.

One of our drama instructors at the Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy Lagos Island , Collins Chukwudi, being appreciated all the way from Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy Cairo, Egypt 

At Helen O’ Grady Academy  Lagos Island , our instructor are totally committed and passionate about making drama classes an unforgettable exciting experience  for children who are interested in drama! Our children programs are designed to draw maximum engagement from kids and raising their confidence, communication and public speaking skills.

To learn more about Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy, please click below;

Learn More

You can also reach us on 08093571000 

Here Is Why Dancing Is Good For Your Brain

Social Dancing In Lagos (picture courtesy of SalsaInIkeja)

Could learning to dance help to protect our brains from aging?

Read below why dancing may the best form of exercise you can take accordingly to this research article published by the New York Times

A new study that compared the neurological effects of dancing with those of walking and other activities suggests that there may be something unique about learning a social dance. The demands it places on the mind and body could make it unusually potent at slowing some of the changes inside our skulls that seem otherwise inevitable with aging.

Neuroscientists and those in middle age or beyond know that brains alter and slow as we grow older. Processing speed, which is a measure of how rapidly our brains can absorb, assess and respond to new information, seems to be particularly hard hit. Most people who are older than about 40 perform worse on tests of processing speed than those who are younger, with the effects accelerating as the decades pass.

Scientists suspect that this decline is due in large part to a concomitant fraying of our brain’s white matter, which is its wiring. White matter consists of specialized cells and their offshoots that pass messages between neurons and from one part of the brain to another. In young brains, these messages whip from neuron to neuron with boggling speed. But in older people, brain scans show, the white matter can be skimpier and less efficient. Messages stutter and slow.

Whether this age-related decline in white matter is inexorable, however, or might instead be changeable has been unclear.

Image Courtesy New York Times

So for the new study, which was published this month in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, researchers from the University of Illinois in Urbana and other schools decided to look at the effects of several different types of exercise on the wiring and the function of older people’s brains.

They began by recruiting 174 healthy people in their 60s and 70s with no signs of cognitive impairment. Most were sedentary, although some occasionally exercised.

Then they invited the men and women to a university lab for tests of their aerobic fitness and mental capacities, including processing speed and a brain scan with a sophisticated M.R.I. machine.

Finally, the researchers randomly divided the volunteers into several groups. One began a supervised program of brisk walking for an hour three times a week. Another started a regimen of supervised gentle stretching and balance training three times a week.

The last group was assigned to learn to dance. These men and women showed up to a studio three times a week for an hour and practiced increasingly intricate country-dance choreography, with the group shaping itself into fluid lines and squares and each person moving from partner to partner.

After six months, the volunteers returned to the lab to repeat the tests and the brain scans from the study’s start.

The differences now proved to be both promising and worrisome.

By and large, everyone’s brain showed some signs of what the scientists termed “degeneration” of the white matter. The changes were subtle, involving slight thinning of the size and number of connections between neurons.

But the effects were surprisingly widespread throughout people’s brains, given that only six months had elapsed since the first scans, said Agnieszka Burzynska, the study’s lead author and a professor of human development and neuroscience at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. (She was previously a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Illinois.)

The degeneration was especially noticeable in the oldest volunteers and those who had been the most sedentary before joining the study.

However, one group showed an actual improvement in the health of some of the white matter in their brains, compared to six months before. The dancers now had denser white matter in their fornix, a part of the brain involved with processing speed and memory.

It seems likely that the cognitive demands of the dancing, which required people to learn and master new choreography throughout the six months of the study, affected the biochemistry of the brain tissue in the fornix, Dr. Burzynska said, prompting increases in the thickness and quantity of the wiring there.

Interestingly, none of the changes in the volunteers’ white matter were obviously reflected in their cognitive performance. Almost everyone performed better now on thinking tests than at the study’s start, including tests of their processing speed, even if their white matter was skimpier.

These results indicate that there could be a time lag between when the brain changes structurally and when we start having trouble thinking and remembering, Dr. Burzynska said.

But, more encouraging, she said, they also suggest that engaging in “any activities involving moving and socializing,” as each of these group programs did, might perk up mental abilities in aging brains.

“The message is that we should try not to be sedentary,” she said. “The people who came into our study already exercising showed the least decline” in white matter health, she points out, and those who took up dancing showed white-matter gains.

Of course, this study was relatively short-term. Dr. Burzynska hopes in the future to study the brains of people engaging in different types of exercise over the course of several years.

But for now, she says the data provide another rationale for moving — and perhaps also learning to contra dance and sashay.

Online Music Classes You Can Enrol For

As the world is navigating a new chart due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking to reposition themselves as it will no longer be business as usual.

Top of this list comes personal development, everyone is using this time to be better at their skills, jobs , crafts etc, so they can be be better prepared for what lies ahead in their industry of choice.

If you are an aspiring musician , or you trying to gain more ground by learning new skills to what you have already, so as to take your career to a new level, you can enrol for any of our 1 month high quality online courses in:

Singing, Piano, Guitar, and Drums taught by industry experts at the SPAN Academy of Jazz and Contemporary Music.

These are intensive classes that are designed to teach you what you need to know, to better equip you in your chosen field in music. The instructors will also be available to assist you after the course.

To inquire or register for any of these online music courses, please call 08091900700 and we would be glad to speak to you.

World Dance Day!

IMG-20200130-WA0006“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams”–Albert Einstein

That quote says it all. Even in the covid 19 terror that we are all facing collectively as citizens of the world, as dancers, we live through our dance in hope, in love and in victory that yes, everything will be alright in the end.

As we celebrate the international world dance day today, we have made this video in the hope that you find comfort in it and that it tells you,that  no matter what, the show must go on. Never give up!

Happy World Dance Day to everyone out there from us at SPAN! And don’t forget to dance at least a little today! It is worth it ! ❤

Special thank you and a deep appreciation to our amazing dance instructors and alumni of the @spandanceacademy who featured in the World Dance Day 2020 Celebrations.

To see the video,  click on link below;

Thank you to:





























SPAN Academies Hold Graduation Ceremony


It was an atmosphere of excitement and a sense of fulfillment when SPAN held its 4th Graduation ceremony for the graduands  of the SPAN Dance Academy and the SPAN Academy of Jazz & Contemporary music  on Sunday , January 26th, 2020 at the prestigious Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island.

A total of 25 students were awarded their certificates of completion after an evening of music and dance performances showcasing their level of knowledge and professionalism in their various courses of study.IMG_9016

The founder/ Chairperson of SPAN , Mrs Sarah Boulos and the heads of both Academies ,the award winning Mr Bright Gain (Academy Director, SPAN Academy of Jazz & Contemporary music ) and Mr Ozejindu Chize (Head, SPAN Dance Academy)were on ground to hand over the certificates and also give them words of advice and encouragement.


Notable people graced the occasion. Among them were Pastor Wale Adefarasin,  Ms. Muna Onuzo,  Pastor Segun Lawal, Mrs Olufunmi Olajoyegbe , seasoned diplomats to name a few.

SPA would like to thank its board of trustees , sponsors ,  families of the graduates and the invited guests who helped made the day a great success.








Your Success, My Victory

Life is only a reflection of what we want to see!!!

IMG-20191111-WA0000 (1)

The Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria @officialspanigeria presents her 2019/2020 season themed: ‘Your Success, Our Victory’ with A Dance And Music Project titled “REFLECTION”. .

This stage performance is based on the true life story of Sarah Boulos.

“REFLECTION” will also  feature captivating tales of success from local and international dancers and Jazz music artistes.

Also join us for exciting dance festival as we collaborate with Nigerian Latin Community, @nigeriaafrolatinfestival @salsainnigeria, as we host the West Africa Afro Latin Dance Festival Nigeria.

Date : November 15th & 17th, 2019.

Venue:The lagoon resturant, 1c Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island,.Lagos.

Gate opens at 7pm prompt.

For Tickets bookings and enquiries, please call 08091900700, 08086769766

“REFLECTION” is sponsored by 7up, Eko Hotel & Suites, Indomie, SCOA Nig PLC, LaPointe Supermarket, Wazobia TV and Cool FM.

IMG-20191107-WA0042 (1)



IMG-20191108-WA0005IMG-20191107-WA0028 (1)

Take A Class at SPAN! Music, Dance, Drama

We welcome back all our existing and prospective clients back from a most deserved summer break!
We also would love to use this opportunity to tell you that SPAN is poised to serve you better with new innovations  and a refreshing twists to all our classes.

Our studio classes will resume from Saturday, September 14th, 2019. Kindly note our venues below:

Ocean Parade Gym, 1st Avenue, Banana Island – Ballet classes on Wednesdays from 3.30pm

Val’s Dance Studio,  Plot 62, Block 5, Theophilus Oji Street,off Fola Osibo Street,Lekki Phase 1 – Ballet and Hip hop Classes on Saturdays from 9.15am

If you are on the mainland, please join us for salsa classes on Thursdays at IBIS Hotel, Toyin street, Ikeja .Lovely ambience, social networking, affordable drinks. Classes are absolutely FREE!

For our budding dancers and musicians who wish to go professional, we are pleased to announce that Registration is in progress at the SPAN Academy of Jazz & Contemporary Music. Auditions into the SPAN Dance Academy will hold from November 1st -30th, 2019.
Our HOG Drama Broadway Club for children will begin second week in October.

We also provide top notch quality dance performances at weddings, birthdays, soirees, corporate events, community events and more. With our vast array of internationally trained dance artistes, you are guaranteed to get a spectacular show!

For enquiries on any of our services, please call 08091900700, 08093561000 or

2 Weeks of Fun & Creativity for your Kids this Summer!

Nurturing your child’s creativity … Improving their confidence.

summer camp 2019..jpg

Top of the day to you!

Our next round of the 2 week Helen O Grady Performing Arts Summer Camp for Children will take place between Monday July 29, 2019 to Saturday August 10, 2019.

With exciting activities such as music, dance, drama, arts & craft, excursions, presentations and more,uniquely designed to help build your child’s social & public speaking skills, and creative talents … don’t miss the opportunity to register your little  ones for this unforgotten experience!

Venue: Val’s The Dance Studio, Plot 62, Block 5, The Red Gate, Theophilus Oji Street, Off Fola Osibo, Lekki Phase 1.

Time : 10am – 3pm Daily

Age Group: 4 – 13 years old

Fee: N55,000 ( Inclusive of free HOG Drama T-shirt and excursion)

To register, please call 08093561000, 08091900700.



SPAN & SCOA Nigeria PLC Rewards Volunteer Trainee Instructor at SPAN with Full Scholarship


“Hard work does not go unnoticed, and someday the rewards will surely follow”…And so that day has come For Wisdom Ukpe Udeoka Justin who began his journey with us At SPAN as one of the pioneer students of the SPAN Academy of Jazz and Contemporary Music. After his training, Wisdom served with the foundation for 2 years without pay and even volunteered at SPAN events with the kind of dedication and commitment we can only marvel at. He later became a trainee instructor at the academy.
In 2015, as a reward for his dedication towards the preparation of the prestigious SPAN@10 celebrations, Wisdom was given full scholarship to study and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts at the renowned Lebanese American University in Lebanon.
As he leaves us today to begin his scholarship studies at LAU, we at SPAN will miss him greatly. We appreciate him deeply for his tireless devotion towards our pursuits and we thank him for honoring us with his contributions towards the music academy. We look forward to his future accomplishments in the performing arts.
We would like to specially thank SCOA Nigeria PLC for sponsoring this project. Also Dr Nashat Mansour and Dr. Nadra Assaf of LAU for partnering with us to make it happen.